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Let's take rock crawling to the next level. 25 years of product development has led us to the strongest and lightest shock we've ever produced. Unmatched rebound dampening keeps your rig shooting for the moon in the most extreme off-road conditions. TK1 Racing and Shock Monster have created the ultimate weapon in the crawling sport. Get ahead and stay ahead is how you win events!

Shock Monster is proud to introduce 6 different diameter shocks to match your exact needs. Shock manufactures have always measured shocks by the outside of the shock body. Unfortuantly that doesn't really tell you much about a nitrogen charged shock. The only thing that matters is shaft diameter. Shock Monster has a huge advantage over the competetion by offering a larger shaft in a smaller body. So anytime you're comparing shocks, compare the shaft.

How does a nitrogen charged shock work? Good question.........The nitrogen inside the shock produced force against the surface area of the shock shaft. This displacement value is what creates the spring rate and hold the vehicle up. Oil inside the shock dampens movement during use by forcing fluid through holes in a piston.

The materials we've selected make up one very light weight and super strong shock. Our aircraft grade aluminum shocks also build less heat and can dissipate heat and 7-11 times the rate of a conventional steel shock. Less heat means a better working shock. Our special anodizing process protects shocks from rust and other contamination.

Here is a list of shock diameters and a target weight each shock should be supporting. The weights listed are per shock and only include sprung weight. Tires, wheels, and axles don't count since the shock isn't supporting them. An example might be a front engine all tube crawler with a total weight of 3000 lbs. Subtract 500 lbs for wheels and tires. Subtract another 500 lbs for differentials and brakes. This leaves us with a sprung weight of about 2000 lbs. The front engine car has balance ratio of 1300 lbs for the front and 700 lbs for the rear. For this application I'd suggest a 1.75'' shock for the rear. Each shock is rated for 500 lbs maximum. And I'd used a 2.00" shock for the front. Each shock is rated for 750 lbs maximum. If this was a camping rid and I intended to load it up with gear, I'd recommend selecting the next larger shock for both front and rear allowing me plenty of capacity.

1.50" shock body with a 1.00" shaft (250 lbs max)

1.75" shock body with a 1.25" shaft (500 lbs max)

2.00" shock body with a 1.50" shaft (750 lbs max)

2.25" shock body with a 1.75" shaft (1000 lbs max)

2.50" shock body with a 2.00" shaft (1500 lbs max)

3.00" shock body with a 2.50" shaft (2000 lbs max)

All Shock Monster shocks use a completely revalvable 9 hole piston. This design allows us to custom valve for each application and driving style.

Give us a call if you have any questions about which shock is right for your application.