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Sway bar kit for the Ford Bronco. Covers all years from 1966-1977. This kit is designed for maximum travel off road and excellent on road handling. The sway bar does not need to be disconnected when you reach the trail. Just lock in the transfer case and keep wheeling! This kit is a must have when you've installed air shocks or coil over shocks or a very soft set of Bronco springs. The custom sway bar kit installs below or above the front frame rails. The kid includes a special bushing, tubes, and mounts for use in mounting the front sway bar. Some welding is required. If the factory track bar frame bracket is being used, this kit works best installed under the frame rail in alignment with the forward body mounts. The 33" front sway bar is to be offset to the driver's side about 3/4" to clear the track bar mount and keep the sway bar close to the frame rails. The 45" rear bar works well with factory sheet metal. If you have a Bronco with a wider stance and you're looking for a super heavy duty, we suggest using the extreme kit which includes a wider 36" front and 45" rear sway bar in our Ultra 4 type sway bar systems.

The bad boy sway bar system for your rock crawler is here and at a price you can afford! 1.00" OD sway bar system includes our aircraft grade aluminum arm kits giving you the strength you need with the flexibility to make it fit right. Many widths to choose from. Bars come in several different profile so we can tailor a bar to your exact needs.

Perfect for reducing the body roll felt in soft suspension buggies at high speeds. The sway bar is a special triple heat treated chromoly bar for superior rotation during articulation but excellent handling during high speeds. The ends are CNC splined to ensure a tight fit. This kit is generally used on trucks, Jeeps, and buggies to control the unloading characteristics and body roll on long travel suspension rock racers.

Here are some general ideas on how to select a sway bar for your specific application:

Rock crawler 3500 lbs should use a Rock crawler kit.
Rock crawler 4500 lbs should use a KOH - Ultra 4 kit.
Rock crawler 5500 lbs should use a Desert kit.

Ultra 4 racer 3000 lbs should use a Rock racer or Rock crawler kit.
Ultra 4 racer 4000 lbs should use a Medium KOH - Ultra 4 kit.
Ultra 4 racer 5000 lbs should use a Desert kit.

Desert truck 3500 lbs should use a Rock racer kit or rock crawler kit.
Desert truck 4500 lbs should use a Soft Desert kit.
Desert truck 5500 lbs should use a Medium Desert kit.
Desert truck 6500 lbs should use a Monster truck kit.

There are many variables when selecting a sway bar. Use of front and rear bars may alter your selection. And the length of arm need for the ration length of shock travel will affect your choice. Call or email if you're unsure which kit works best for you.

The aircraft grade aluminum splined arm blocks are CNC milled and specially broached for a perfect lock to the sway bar every time. The arms and blocks are mounted together with a patented key-way system and 3 massive 1/2-20 bolts. A kits come standard with a single shear rod end package but can easily be converted to double shear if your application requires.

Included in kit is: 1 sway bar, 2 arms kits, 2 end link kits, 2 axle mounting tabs, 2 bushings, and all nuts and bolts needed includes all parts needed for installation except tube ends with a 1.250" id. Tubing and brackets available if needed.

Options for your kit:

Sway bar mounting tube: 1/8" wall steel tube.

Sway bar mounting brackets: A pair of L shaped steel brackets. allows for easy installation if you're mounting the bar above or below the frame rails. Not needed if you drill and mount the tube through the frame rails.

Sway bar arm end cap kit: You can add a billet end cap kit (red) that keeps the arm from working off the bar in extreme side load conditions.

Double shear arm option: Converts the end of you arms to a different style rod end. Captures both the inside and outside of the rod end. Also includes 2 pair of axle brackets for converting the lower rod end to double shear. This option is generally used in tight conditions where there isn't much space between the frame and tire. Also highly recommended in desert truck applications.

Sway bar arm length: You've got almost unlimited length options. The arms have 3 holes spaced 1" apart, Any of the 3 holes can be used in single shear applications.

Bar width: generally you'll want a bar that is 3" wider than your inside dimension. So if you're frame is 42" wide, order a 45" bar.

Set up and installation for a sway bar is CRITICAL ! You can't just put it where ever you think it might fit. There are some very important factors to keep in mind. These are sorta general rules and your application may vary. We generally want the arm level to the earth when the shock is roughly 50/50 travel. For a dessert truck, this probably means the arm is level at ride height. But for a rock crawler with lots of shock sag available, The arm will absolutely be pointed up hill as it get closer to the axle housing. The arm length should be at least as long as the shock travel if possible. End links generally need to be at least as long as the travel of the shock or longer. And the mounting tabs on the axle housing should generally be 1-2" wider than the outside of the sway bar arms. This is to offset the wild axle swing 3 and 4 link suspensions travel during suspension sag. For example: If I had a tube chassis rock crawler with a rear sway bar, I'd expect the arms to sit about 3-4" higher on the axle side than on the sway bar side. I'd expect the axle tabs to be 41" wide on a 39" bar. and I'd expect a 16-20" end link for a 16" shock. If you have any questions during installation, Email a few pics and let us take a quick look at your fitment.