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Light weight but not light on performance. Our custom valved air shocks are designed for bush planes looking for the harshest landing zones this planet has to offer. Our special shaft and piston design allows for the best compression ratio and most radical valving anyone has seen in aviation. These shocks are aircraft aluminum with ever bit of weight savings and strength designed right in.

This package includes our 2.25" Shock Monster shocks

4.75" of shock travel is about 12-14" at the wheel.

Completely oil dampened. We eat up all that stored energy created in the landing compression by sending oil through a very complex series of holes and valves in a dynamic piston. This piston has a patented design that changes based on the type of landing you make. This makes our system the best for soft, medium, and holy crap landings!

Redundant dual shock setup always keeps you safe.
No old school coil springs required.
Aircraft grade aluminum body - black anodized finish.
Superior cooling Thermo-action aluminum shaft.
High strength and hi flow 9 hole completely revalveable piston design.

How Does it work? Simple......Nitrogen sets the taxi height and oil does the dampening.

What makes our shocks so much better than everyone else's.......Large displacement lower pressure. We've developed a modular design into our shocks that allow us to fit a diameter shock that works best for your aircraft. In other words: Company Z might only have one diameter shock with one shaft size. You see the shaft size is the magic to an air/oil shock. The larger the diameter - the more load it can hold. So Company Z with their limited shock size needs to add way way too much nitrogen to their shocks to hold the load because the shaft is too small. In our case we can just increase the shaft size to get you right in the sweet spot. A shock works best with the pressure set between 140-300 psi. Too low of a pressure and the shock valve doesn't react fast enough. Too high of a pressure and the shock valve is unstable.

Our shocks are used in the compression struck during landing. This is the correct way to design a shock. So how do we make this work when the crappy coil or bungee system is in tension during your landing.....simple. We build a completely heat treated chromoly frame assembly to convert the tension motion of landing into a compression motion for the shock. This gives you the safest most reliable combination possible. Since the aluminum shocks have no side loads and no tension at any point (aluminum in tension is a horrible idea due to fatigue), you're never in risk of a broken shock like other systems. Your entire airframe is built from chromoly for a reason. It's light weight, incredibly strong, and handles forces in all direction. Our heat treated chromoly frames are nickel plated and teflon coated for wear and corrosion resistance. Heat treating of all the frame components is like supercharging their life and strength. It equalizes the molecular structures and allows everything to relaxed giving you a long life.

How about adjustability...... YES!!! In aviation we're so used to a setup that's the same for every aircraft in that model. But that's not fair, our needs and likes are the same. Well we have a solution for that too. Our shock system is way way way adjustable. You get to decide how much Sag (droop) YOU want in your aircraft and what taxi height YOU want. Because of our long travel suspension you're never limited to just a small window of adjustment like everyone else. You can truly custom taylor for your mission.

How about upgradability........you're not just buying a product for today, you're buying a completely upgradable package for the life of your aircraft. Each year we travel the country to amazing places with awesome pilots. And each year we find something that works just a little bit better. Rather than have Generation 1-100, We just have one Generation that we can revalve to the newest best settings. Most of the time we don't need any parts, just 30 minutes of time that can be done in the field.

Made entirely in the UNITED STATES by pilots for pilots.

Don't settle for cheap copies or old technology

Buy the best once from the winners in aviation suspension.

Currently available for experimental aircraft.

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