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So what we did was develop the ultimate complete tailwheel assembly. One stop shopping! We start with a complete in-house built Shock Monster Shock, arm, airframe mount, fork, and steering assembly. Then we give you 4 choices on tire/wheel sizes for one complete package.

And we've got a few more options for you. If you already have a baby bush wheel and you want to run it, no problem. We let you delete the wheel and tire from the package. Or if you already have a dual arm Matco tailwheel assembly, no problem. We let you delete the fork, steering, tire, and wheel from the package and run your current parts.

Available for a ton of aircraft with more rolling out daily!

We've been selling and flying these tailwheel assemblies for the past 2 years but in very limited availability. We simply didn't have enough capacity in our shop to manufacture enough and we hate back orders. Haas CNC has filled our orders for more machines and now were at full speed on the Ultimate Tailwheel.

Fully adjustable spring rate. Fully adjustable caster angle, Fully adjustable tension break out. Full steering and castering when you need to swing the tail around.

One more trick..... you can purchase a short tailwheel with your package and also add a large tailwheel and side forks only to give yourself height option. You don't have to buy a completely new tailwheel assembly and you don't even have to remove the fork to install the larger tire. Just swap the fork sides and your tire package to switch diameters. Everything is interchangeable. Genius!

Aluminum mount, arm, fork, and Shock Monster Shock. The axle is heat treated chromoly. Available in black, black, or black!

Welcome to the Shock Monster family.

Our Price: $1,700.00